New Safarigirl sketch!!

She’s totally choked about something or other, lol. Just a sketch still very much loving Procreate on the IPad Pro with the apple pencil.  It’s basically goddamned amaZing.

New Pinup!!! Daenerys of GOT


Life has been crazy, but I finally sat down and put the final touches on my latest sexy pinup!  Hope you like her, it’s the Mother of Dragons herself! I completed it roughly over 16 hours, starting from a sketch in Artflow on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and then painted in Photoshop CC on a Cintiq 22 HD display.  I loved every second of creating this one.  I’ll be posting my process soon on my Patreon page as well. So sign up (it’s only $5!!) to get access, and you’ll bathe in the warm glow of my undying appreciation.

The fully nude, high resolution download is available as a reward on my Patreon Page! (Yes!  there is a lot of ‘booty’)

New Art Process doc on my Patreon site! >>> ‘Elf Girl’


Roller Girl VS the summer haze… :)

Who doesn’t love the colours that come out to play when the sun becomes liquid?

I sure as hell do, and I’m wishing you all happy,  lazy summer dayz with this colour study.


Safarigirl selfie sketch… :P

haha… started sketching Safarigirl on my lunchbreaks this week.  I think this will turn into something! 🙂


Have Guns…

An art favor for a friend who is a Sheriff here in British Columbia. 🙂  A little dose of the wild west. bang bang!

-Gunslinger drawn and Inked in Manga Studio 5.

-Logo emblem painted and fontified in Photoshop.


Safarigirl 1995–2015

Although that title suggests some form of obituary, it’s just that I realized today that I have been drawing my character, Safarigirl for almost 20 years now!  That is just crazy sauce when I think about it that way.  Her sexiness also happens to be the first full colour pinup print featured in my Patreon Art Book, ‘Divide by Zero’.  And since this ‘history of Safarigirl’ graphic is all of previously posted work I’d like to share it here.