3D Environments

Unreal Enviro Tests

  • Various tests done early in development to explore Substance Painter VS Hand Painted textures, Modular Building kits, and general workflow

Dead Rising 3 

  • Modelled and textured all background vista art for entire free-roam, including all vegetation, structures, and terrain.
  • Hand tuned lighting and post effect values for 24 slices of our real-time lighting system.
  • Worked closely with senior TA group to create custom technology to enable hierarchical LODs of entire zones and inclusion/exclusion volumes to allow for aggressive culling of objects / loading of custom vista elements based on player position.
  • Guided development with the rendering team to build a custom dynamic cloud system from scratch allowing the game to have various cloud types that formed dynamically over time and reacted to various lighting conditions.
  • Was responsible for the 3D front end menu environment modelling/texture/lighting
  • Split my time between enviro work and the lighting team, which had me lighting large areas of the game world using a combination of Maya baked lightmaps and in-engine dynamic lights.

3D Main Menu and End of World Barriers

Vista Art

Examples of Lighting Work

Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix Hyper Edition E X + @

  • Created four unique ‘looks’ for the product, which included hand painted comicbook-esque sky-domes, cloud systems, lighting and post that celebrated the style of classic Capcom arcade titles; ie: ‘Darkstalkers’. Was given the freedom to ‘run wild’ and mostly art direct myself in the creation of these over the top and whimsical looks.
  • Hand painted all promotional box art that was used for convention floor presence during E3 and Comic Con.
  • Represented the game on the convention floor through giving interviews with gaming publications and media outlets.

Examples of the four unique ‘looks’ I crafted (click HD)


Need for Speed

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