Environment Art Update! :)


Sam and Disco play Ball!

Soooo happy with how this little sketch turned painting ended up!  I asked if I could paint my good friend and her pup… and here’s what came out of that!  ❤

Digital Painting in Photoshop.


Birthday Card for a buddy!!

My fantastic friend and incredibly talented DM celebrated his B-day recently.  He is so awesomely over the top with his storytelling I could not resist a sketch of his DM’ing in action. 😉


Jack and Toothless

A good friend recently contacted me to paint their son riding Toothless from How to Train your Dragon.  She thought it would be cool to also show how I went through the steps of doing the final art.  It was so damn fun to paint! 🙂

New Art in the Pipe!

Still in the early stages, but I think there is enough here to share!  A new pinup (shocker) set in Heavy Metal magazine inspired environment. Alex_Progress_01

Fallout 4 personal commission!

Here is the final version of a cool little bit of art I was asked to create for a lucky young couple.



Freaky deeky😱

Haha, with Halloween coming and the autumn days suddenly growing darker I’ve had a hankering for freaky films.  We recently watched the excellent Conjuring 2!  And Ioved the demonic entity, the Nun.  Here’s my quick iPad Pro sketch of her! As well, I’ve included a video of the sketch.